Free Tea Cosy Pattern

Here’s a simple as can bee 🐝 ☕️ tea cosy for a large 6-8 cup regular teapot. 🧡


I made 2 x nine round granny squares using Stylectaft Special DK in four colours and a 4.5mm hook.

The Pattern: in US crochet terms

dc = double crochet

sc = single crochet

ch = chain

ss = slip stitch

cluster = 3 dc

Change colour for every round or whenever you’d like to or make the cosy all one colour.

Chain 5, join with a slip stitch to the first chain to form a ring.

Round 1: working stitches into the ring, (sc, ch 2) this counts as the first dc now and throughout, 2 dc, ch 3, [3 dc, ch 3] 3 times, join with a ss to top of first dc of the round. Fasten off.

Round 2: join new colour to any ch3-space, sc, ch 2, [skip 3 dc, (3dc, ch3, 3 dc) in next ch3-space] 3 times, skip 3 dc, (3 dc, ch 3, 2 dc) in next ch3-space, ss to top of first dc of the round. Fasten off.

Round 3: join new colour to any ch3-space, sc, ch 2, [skip 3 dc, 3 dc in gap between clusters, skip 3 dc, (3 dc, ch 3, 3dc) in corner ch3-space] 3 times, skip 3 dc, 3 dc in gap between clusters, skip 3 dc, (3dc, ch3, 2dc) in corner ch3-space, ss to top of first dc of the round. Fasten off

Rounds 4 – 9: continue in the same pattern as established in Round 3 by working 3 dc in the gap between each cluster and (3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc) into each corner ch3-space.

Round 10: join yarn in any corner ch3-space. [3 sc in corner space, sc in top of each sc across to next ch3-space] 4 times, join with a ss in top of first sc of the round. Fasten off

Join the two squares at the sides by crocheting or sewing together, leaving a gap for the spout and handle. 🧡


make a simple twisted cord using 3 strands of yarn cut to around a metre long, twist together then double over so it twists back on itself, tie a knot at each end to secure.🧡


Thread cord around the top, tighten and tie. 🧡 Ta Da 👏🏻 •



Hiya Hiya crochet hooks

So, recently I was asked to review some crochet hooks by the wonderful people at HiyaHiya Europe and here’s a mini interview they published:

Lisasattik, Welcome to HiyaHiya Europe!

Lisa recently reviewed our HiyaHiya Crochet Hooks so we thought it would be lovely to return the favour and learn some more about her.

We sent some questions over to Lisa about her knitting and crochet inspirations and fascinating shawl designs, so carry on reading to see what she had to say!

What inspired you to start knitting/crochet, and designing your own patterns?

I’ve been knitting and crocheting since I was about 7 or 8 years old (I’m 47 now) So a long time. I was inspired and always have been inspired by both my Mam (who died when I was 11) and my Nana. Both were always making something and my brother and I always had plenty of homemade goodies to wear.

My first designs were as a child, making clothes and blankets for my dolls and teddies.  Recently I decided to have a go at putting my ideas down on paper for the first time.

Do you have a preference of knitting or crochet?

I don’t have a preference. I love both crafts. I do go through phases though, where I’ll favour one over the other.

Do you have a favourite item that you’ve ever knit or crocheted?

Favourite item I have knit was a chunky cabled cardigan for my husband, it was so squidgy and cosy. My daughter has it now, it’s huge on her but she loves it.

Crochet, I think one of my blankets. It always feels like such an achievement to crochet something as large and multicoloured as a blanket.

You design a lot of patterns for beautiful shawls – do you have a favourite of these? Would you like to venture into different designs?

My favourite shawl pattern to date is my Custard Cream Shawl, I love the texture of the patterns and I LOVE the name.

I have ideas for crochet bag patterns as well as some tops, these will come to life eventually I’m sure, but for now, I’m loving designing shawls and let’s be honest, we can never have too many shawls 

What advice would you give to a first time knitter/crocheter?

My advise to a beginner knitter or crocheter is, Don’t Give Up.

It can be extremely frustrating to make your fingers and hands do what you want them to as it feels so unnatural to start with. But keep practising and you will be rewarded ten fold. The satisfaction and joy of making your own things is amazing.

What one knitting/crochet tool or craft item could you not live without?

As long as you have great quality needles and hooks, nothing else matters.   They have to be comfortable, feel solid and glide through any fibre.

What else do you like to do in your spare time?

As well as knitting and crocheting I also love sewing.  Crissstitch, embroidery and dressmaking. I’ve made loads of children’s clothes and one day I plan to buy a tailors dummy so I can make my own clothes.

I also love going away with my Hubby in our caravan. We love relaxing and getting out to explore with our Border Collie, Poppy.

What did you think of HiyaHiya Aluminium Crochet Hooks?

I am in love with the Hiya Hiya Aluminium Crochet Hooks.  At the moment I have the ergonomic type and I honestly thought I wouldn’t consider using anything else but I have been converted, these hooks sit so well in the hand. They feel well weighted too with them being aluminium, so sturdy. The length is perfect, they seem a bit longer than other regular hooks I have tried which means a more comfortable grip. Also, I found they glide through any fibre like a hot knife through butter. And the colour (4mm is gold). Beautiful 

Overall. I was surprised I loved them as much as I did and I would most definitely recommend them.

Are there any other HiyaHiya products you’d like to try?

I’d really like to try the Interchangeable Knitting Needles next.

Knitting at work on my lunch 🥗

Progress on my #closetoyoushawl 💙💛💚 I’m only working on this for half an hour a day on my lunch at work. What’s your portable project? 🤗Do you have one?

I want to make ALL the things, but I just don’t have time. I love this scarf and I’ll make fingerless gloves to batch when I’m done. I also have a big secret project on the go as well as a gift to make and a Christmas project to teach at my local village hall. I need a lottery win so I can knit, crochet and design ALL the time. Dream big people 😘

Wild Ginger

Believe it or not, this weird looking flower has inspired my new Shawl design. It’s a very unusual triangle shaped flower and it’s from the Wild Ginger plant 🌱

I’m using the Scheepjes Whirl in Jumpin Jaffa Pop. It starts with a rich shade of Mocha, then turns Charcoal, transitioning into the most amazing Jaffa Orange, then Mustard, and finally soft Beige.

I know, I know, I’m using a Whirl again! I’m obsessed with this yarn, it’s so soft and the colour transitions are out of this world, if you haven’t tried…!

So…..I’ve roped in a tribe of amazing crochet crazy ladies to test this pattern for me. There’ll be more to come on this design very soon xx 😉

My Etsy Shop

So I have finally got around to adding some of my sample shawls to my Etsy Shop. I've been promising to do it for ages and ages. I haven't been greedy when pricing them and I'm pretty certain they're very under priced, but I really do need the space in my craft room (aka, spare bedroom) and I also need to raise some funds to begin a new venture (there'll be more news on that as and when I get things organised).

It's weird, but for the first time in my life, I feel like I have a plan, a real-life grown up plan, I'm 46 (almost 47), so it's been a long time coming. Better late than never through right!!

I'm utterly passionate about knitting, crochet and all things yarny, I have been my whole life, and now I have a vision on where I see my passion leading. I know this all sounds a little on the vague side at the moment but I promise you, I will start sharing my plans as things develop.

Lots of yarny hugs 🤗 Lisa x

Crochet and a Cuppa

Is there anything more relaxing than having the house to yourself and having some quiet time to crochet, with the accompaniment of a cup of tea and a cheeky bar of chocolate 🍫 Bliss!

I’m working on a new crochet shawl design and I’m really enjoying using the Scheepjes Whirl in colourway Jumpin Jaffa Pop. I have to confess though that this is the third time I’ve attempted making a shawl with this colour. I really didn’t like it at all on previous attempts, not sure if it was the pattern of if it was the colour which seemed so dull to me.

However, I have since warmed to it A LOT after seeing a couple of my other designs made using it (check my Instagram feed to see pics). And now I can’t wait to get to the Jaffa orangey bit.

This new design will be reveal as soon as I’m finished 😘

Custard Cream Shawl Pattern

I just love the colours used in this shawl. It’s the Scheepjes Whirl in Blackcurrant Squeeze Me, another Whirl I just HAVE to buy, not that I need a huge amount of arm twisting to buy yarn. It’s an addiction don’t ya know 😜<

he pattern is my latest design, The Custard Cream Shawl it’s in both UK and US crochet terms and now it’s also available in Swedish thanks to the fabulous Anna for translating, check her out on Instagram.

absolutely LOVE designing patterns and I’m so chuffed I finally started actually writing them down and getting them out there. I’ve been crocheting and knitting since I was about 7years old. My mam and my nana taught me and I’ve loved it ever since. (I’m 46 now! 😳) <

was the kid who made my dolls clothes instead of actually playing with the dolls 😂 I also pretty much hid that I did it and only people close to me knew. I think it’s because I didn’t know anyone else who shared my passion, so I just didn’t speak about it. Weird I know! 😂 <br

older, I started talking about it more, but only if people mentioned they liked my jumper or my scarf etc and when I said, “I made this”, they were like, “wow, really? So clever, I wish I could do that!” <br
nge how our thoughts roll when we’re young. Anyhoo, luckily, today, it’s a cool thing to be able to knit or crochet. I LOVE ❤️ that! And I’ve even managed to teach one or two of my friends the art of crochet 👌🏻👏🏻 and most recently my daughter , Hannah, who is 25! She’s never shown an interest until recently, but, at last, she said those magic words “teach me how to crochet” YES! 👊🏻